Site Offices

• Basic Offices
Office space can be a hassle when renovations are taking place or when you are in the construction industry where you move from one place to another. Our offices come in handy as they are designed to suit all types of businesses. On offer are: standard offices without air conditioners, air-conditioned standard offices and executive offices, which are fully insulated and air-conditioned. We have a wide range of floors to choose from which suit your type of business.

• Executive Site Offices
For company executives we have top of the range 6m site offices, which come with the following options: air conditioner, full 40mm insulation to the walls, roof and doors, windows, lights, entrance door, light switch, double plugs and variety of floors including carpet, vinyl, wet pour, etc. The exterior of the container will be painted in a colour of your choice.

The most popular offices come in 6m containers and in a few occasions clients request 12m containers, which can be partitioned into a maximum of 4 single offices, each one having its own entrance. Open plan offices are also common in 12m units and are cheap, as clients can erect their own portable partitions.

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