Container Logic (Pty) Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in refrigerated container conversions supplied throughout the Southern and Central African Regions. Our containers can be used as a fitting alternative to normal holding and ice making rooms.

Apart from the wide range of standard units we have, customers have an option of designing their own units with the help of our highly experienced technical team. Some of these units can either be single or 3 phase depending on the size and application.

Refrigerated container units makes life easier especially when you have to take your products to your clients and can also be relocated should the need arise. There are no high costs involved when one decides to relocate a container or to use such units for temporary storage.

Our range of refrigerated containers includes the following:
Insulated containers, Chillers, Holding freezers and Blast freezers. The blast freezer range includes ice plants, fish plants, chicken plants, meat plants and any other refrigerated requirements. Our Ice plant units range from 500kg to 4 000kg in 24 hours, depending on the ambient temperatures of different locations.

We offer maintenance on all units supplied and spare parts are always available should any replacements be required. Clients will be taken through a maintenance process of ensuring maximum life span on the units.

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