Health Care Containers

• Clinics
Health to all is a buzzword in the world and containers can come in handy in assuring that everyone has access to health facilities. In remote areas health facilities can be taken closer to the people and once normal facilities have been erected, they can be moved to another locations.

Clinics and infirmary centres can be built from a 6 m or 12 m container and in some cases containers can be joined together to come up with the required floor areas. It is also possible to have clinics with beds for overnight detentions fitted with all the necessary equipment where possible.

• Pharmacies
The availability of under developed areas in most countries, especially the Third World Countries, always provides a need in providing temporary medical drug dispensary infrastructures in preparation for the erection of permanent ones. Our container pharmacies will give mileage to any government, medical departments and pharmaceutical companies.

Container Logic (Pty) Ltd manufactures affordable, durable and convenient pharmacies for any location with all the necessary fitments, including lockable prescription drugs cabinets.

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