Food Handling Containers

• Kitchens and Fast Food Outlets
The food industry has never been saturated, evidenced by the number of food outlets that spring up on a day-to-day basis and this includes the roadside operators. Our containerised kitchens come in handy with all the necessary fitments as per client specifications. We can supply kitchens with or without equipment.

Our units are ideal for event holders, who always need to have a kitchen unit that is mobile for different locations. This scenario also applies to the construction, mining and research industries, in situations that require them to be in the bush for longer periods and need to have decent and hygienic food preparatory surroundings. Such units can be electrically run or use gas apparatuses. We also provide canteens to cater from 6 to 200 people, fully furnished with steel tables and benches or chairs.

The environmentally friendly food outlets we manufacture are ideal for high-density applications, provided they are placed in the right spots and with the approval of the authorities. They can be branded in the clients’ own style and logos, which are professionally done to capture the target customers’ attention.

• Canteens
The canteens we provide are mostly used in conjunction with kitchens where a number of people can be seated around tables and with some entertainment being provided in the form of music systems and / or television sets. Such units are fully insulated, fitted with air conditioners and easy to clean floors.

Accessories such as washing troughs, hand basins, serving hatches etc., can also be fitted in these units to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. As mentioned before, we are not limited to the above-mentioned options only, but can do exceedingly more.

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